Anuwai Publishing & Editing aims to shine a spotlight on minority-female writers and artists, providing them additional options in publishing. Whether new to their craft or skilled veteran, writers and artists, especially female-led, science fiction- and fantasy-genre based, have difficulty getting their query and their work noticed above the masses and into the hands of agents and editors. But thanks to the ever-evolving and -advancing technological age, publishing has become more accessible to the masses at large, who can now publish everything from newsletters to magazines, novels to art books. 


Anuwai Publishing & Editing seeks to help this group of writers and artists believe their dreams of "agented" publication are possible. How? By showcasing these artists in an e-newsletter. We're a small unit with big dreams and bigger goals of growing awareness of this talented pool of writers and artists--whose written or drawn works more accurately reflect our changing society in the U.S. and across the globe--in hopes of opening up the depth of varied talent available to Hollywood and beyond.


Whether poetry, short story, comic book or illustrations, Anuwai Publishing & Editing strives to make huge strides in growing readership and awareness for minority-female writers and artists and, in the future, minority writers and artists of both sexes who feature female-led, multi-ethnic characters in their work. 


Call for submissions. 
We're seeking poetry, short stories, comic book scripts (drawn or not) and illustrations with science fiction and/or fantasy themes. Requirements of each, strictly enforced, are:
  • poetry, one-page only, double-spaced between stanzas
  • short story, no more than 3,000 words
  • comic books, script only or drawn with panels, no more than six pages of work* 
  • illustrations, no more than 5, color or b/w, sized 8 1/2 x 11", each image having a unique theme 
*Anuwai Publishing & Editing recognizes that not every writer can draw, nor can every artist/illustrator write, which is why we are open to reviewing and publishing comic book scripts (formatted correctly!), and/or artwork from an illustrator seeking a writer. 


How to Submit: 

Send ONE form of work only (poem, short story, comic book script or illustrations) by email only as one pdf document or jpeg file attached to the email.


In the body of the email, please provide:

  • your full name, as you would like it to appear on your work

  • include and specify proposed pen name, if using one,

  • contact email, which will be published along with your work, if selected, and

  • 3-5 sentence paragraph description of your work 

Send to In the Subject line, write: "Submission for entry into Alpha Series Collection".


Submitted work will not be returned and once the e-newsletter is published, works not selected for that specific publication will be deleted/purged from Anuwai's files.  


The Entry Window for submissions will be announced by Twitter, so make sure to follow @AnuwaiPub and have your work ready. The Entry Window is open for 72 hours onlyOnce the deadline has expired, the email address will no longer be active. 

All submissions will be reviewed. 


Writers and artists retain original rights/ownership of their works. 


Each Anuwai Publishing & Editing e-newsletter will feature: 
  • 2 poems

  • 2 short stories

  • 1 comic book script

  • 2 illustrators' artwork 

Once the e-newsletter is published, works not selected for this issue will be deleted (emails purged). You may submit revised pieces of your work or new pieces in the next e-newsletter submission. 


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