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(pronounced ah new why' ee, Swahili for diversity) 

Currently, we're working on growing our

proofreading, line editing and copy editing services.  

See our Editing & Proofreading page for information. 

Focused on helping female--especially BIPOC--sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers and screenwriters put their best work forward.    

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Don't worry, we won't bombard you with numerous emails. These will be semi-occasional updates on what we're working on and what progress we're making.  

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Hi, I'm Jackie Cannon!

What's unique about me? 

I am who I am, which is at least two people, according to my mom. I'm a Gemini and proud of it, which means I'm all about creativity. I've done a lot of different things through the years that have led me to where I am now in my life--doing proofreading, line editing and copy editing; making jewelry and becoming an entrepreneur. 


Where am I from and where have I been? 

Lived in Texas the longest. Traveled to sixteen states and one territory.

As well as,  nine countries.  


Where did Anuwai Publishing & Editing come from? 

Anuwai is my dream of merging my editing, writing, poetry and freelance business. Science fiction (especially Star Wars) and fantasy are

my  loves, so I want to edit those stories and help other writers realize their dreams of publication as well. I love graphic novels and  comic books,

and horror too.​

What's in store for the future? 

Beginning a proofreading and copy editing freelance business,

continuing my own writing and growing my Women are gems...precious, priceless, irreplaceable brand

Artist's Bio

My artist's bio goes into more detail about my background, the projects I'm working on and what my loves in life are.


"As an avid bookworm since childhood, Reading and English were always my favorite subjects in school. I remember writing poetry at a very young age. Now, I’m a book collector, as well. When I was nine, my Uncle Tom (yes, that was his name) gave me a paper bag full of Star Trek books. I had seen the TV shows and loved them, but I had no idea there were books available with the series shows written down. From that day forward, my love of science fiction and fantasy solidified, and I knew I wanted to write a novel of my own one day."


Continue reading more here. Enjoy!


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