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Current & Upcoming Books

Below is a sample of print/eBooks in various stages of production. Anuwai Publishing & Editing's works

will be available for purchase via the "Buy It" button link next to each book. 

New Style Writing Prompts for Science Fiction & Fantasy 

What happens when a two-headed blob is let loose ambling around in a seaport on an alien world?

Crab creatures and feline overlords collide on a water planet now covered mostly by garbage--what

happens next? Felines not your thing, then choose intelligent rat people. Or, bug aliens versus lion

people...warring in space? It's completely your story.

This is your chance to be in the writer's driving seat. Most writing prompt books give specific and definite

ideas to think on and write about. New Style Writing Prompts for Science Fiction & Fantasy gives you choices

of characters and settings and lets you drive the idea, allowing for way more creativity to come forth in story creation.

Alien Counterpart (working title)

Sci-fi/horror short story. A 21st-century human female battles an intelligent shape-shifting alien

in a secluded French mansion in Washington state. 

Imagine an off-world, "Venom-like" alien matching wits with a determined-to-survive female.

Instead of a space ship, they are isolated in a forested area, holed up in a 1930's French Tudor-style mansion.

Coming soon

Short Stories

Shadow Outpost One

is a five-page, sci-fi/horror short story. Lately, my story ideas have been leaning toward sci-fi and horror together, which I'm loving, so I'm rolling with it! 


This is the first piece. A sci-fi/horror novella will soon follow, which my book readers have told me is wickedly creepy.


Give Shadow Outpost One a read and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. You can: 

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A Warrior's Tale Poem

One of our first featured poems comes from Jackie Cannon, writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, poetry and novels, as well as creator of Anuwai Publishing. 


A Warrior's Tale

A time comes when fear and despair rule
when hope and prayer can do nothing
for those who still wish to believe in such things

A world torn apart by wars, hunger and greed
a race of beings battered and abused
worn down by the days of continuing strife

The malicious rule while the weak suffer
the manipulating feed on the fears of the pitied

Out of those who are conquered
one has eyes that begin to see

Out of those who are controlled
one has ears that begin to hear

Out of those who are lifeless and without fire
one has a mind that begins to wonder

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