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About Jackie Cannon, Owner


What's unique about me? 

I am who I am, which is at least two people, according to my mom. I'm a Gemini and proud of it, which means I'm all about creativity. I've done a lot of different things through the years that have led me to where I am now in my life--doing copyediting and proofreading, making jewelry and becoming an entrepreneur. 


Where am I from and where have I been? 

Originally, California. Then, overseas with my family. East Coast was next. And, finally, Texas. Sixteen states and one territory. As well as, nine countries.  


Where did Anuwai Publishing & Editing come from? 

Anuwai is my dream of merging my writing, poetry and freelance business. Science fiction (especially Star Wars) and fantasy are my loves, so I want to edit those stories and help other writers realize
their dreams of publication as well. I love graphic novels and comic books too.​

What's in store for the future? 

Beginning a copyediting and proofreading freelance business, continuing my own writing, growing my Women are gems...precious, priceless, irreplaceable brand and creating more jewelry through my
atx jewels company. 

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