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Current & Upcoming Books

Below is a sample of print/eBooks in various stages of production. Anuwai Publishing & Editing's works will be available for purchase via the "Buy It" button link next to each book. 

New Style Writing Prompts for Science Fiction & Fantasy 

What happens when a two-headed blob is let loose ambling around in a seaport on an alien world?

Crab creatures and feline overlords collide on a water planet now covered mostly by garbage--what happens next?

Felines not your thing, then choose intelligent rat people. Or, bug aliens versus lion people...warring in space? It's completely your story.

This is your chance to be in the writer's driving seat. Most writing prompt books give specific and definite ideas to think on and write about. New Style Writing Prompts for Science Fiction & Fantasy gives you choices of characters and settings and lets you drive the idea, allowing for way more creativity to come forth in story creation.

Reflections (working title)

Sci-fi/horror short story. A 21st-century human female battles an intelligent shape-shifting alien in a secluded French mansion in Washington state. 

Imagine an off-world, "Venom-like" alien matching wits with a determined-to-survive female. Instead of a space ship, they are isolated in a forested area, holed up in a 1930's French Tudor-style mansion.

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