• Jackie Cannon

My first book is on Amazon: "16 Writing Prompts for Science Fiction & Fantasy"

Hey there! Well, I took the plunge and, after MANY months, I finally have my first book up on Amazon. "16 Writing Prompts for Science Fiction & Fantasy" is a different kind of writing prompts book. It's the type I was looking for but couldn't find.

For each prompt, it gives choices of characters and settings, allowing the writer to pick what speaks to them at the moment, versus providing a finite sentence idea that might not interest the writer at all.

Since it's been up, I've already received valuable input on my first publishing attempt, so the book cover might change, and there might be small changes to the title. What can I say? You have to start somewhere, right? Each attempt is one more step in the learning process.

If you get a chance, please check it out. Let someone you know interested in writing science fiction and/or fantasy know about it. And, if you do decide to buy, and it helps you, please leave a review.

Thanks! And stay tuned. More books are in the works.

Happy writing!

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