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Poem - A Strong Black Woman

This is a poem I wrote some years ago inspired by a coworker at the time. She was going through so much, I marveled at how she could keep going day by day. Yet, as women, and as black women especially, we must. We have loved ones to care for, and who care for us.

I'm getting into a writing groove again, and it will probably include some poetry, which is where my writing actually began. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do.

A Strong Black Woman

Inspired by Tina T. Watson

A strong black woman

is a woman of her own mind,

with a will, a desire

and a determination that is unequaled

She possesses a presence and quality of self,

she knows who she is, where she stands

and cannot, shall not, will not be moved

She has character, wisdom and grace

qualities which are embedded in the very genes

of each and every black female born, then and now

A Strong Black Woman

is beauty defined

a continuation of the daughter she was,

the mother she is, and the grandmother she will become

like her grandmother before her

She is admired, adored, cherished and loved

like fine crystal sitting on the table,

If the crystal falls and does not break,

it is so blessed,

If the crystal falls and breaks, it does not matter

for you simply pick up the pieces, set the tragedy behind you

and keep going,

this is A Strong Black Woman

She strives for achievement, success, perfection

She will be the best she can be

and that is all there is

No matter how rocky the path may get

she has learned to avoid the stones in her way

A Strong Black Woman you will know on sight

for you will be unable to turn your attention from her,

her magnetism is such, that to call her anything

less than strong would be an injustice

The Strong Black Woman has had enough injustice

It is time for justice

Jacqueline Cannon

Copyright March 27, 1995

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